Group rides from D.C. to Norfolk for pediatric cancer awareness

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A trip from Washington, D.C. to Norfolk should be quick and easy, unless you’re on a bike, but one group made that trip for a good cause.

Twelve cyclists biked for three days as a part of the “ Roc the Ride” to bring awareness to pediatric cancer.

“One of the riders was quick to say this is hard but this is nothing in comparison to what these kids are fighting for, says Eric Newman, who’s the founder of Roc Solid.

Newman and others started the organization to show that the first thing kids diagnosed with cancer lose is playtime. He is also a childhood cancer survivor.

“These guys came together so we can build hope for every child with pediatric cancer,” he says.

The organization builds playgrounds and remodels bedrooms from children with cancer. The bike ride, which is in its second year, is one of the organizations highlights. For the last mile of their trek, cyclists biked along children with cancer and cancer survivors to the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughter.

“I was excited to ride with everyone else again,” says six-year-old Aubree Evans.

Evans had Neuroblastoma but has been in remission for three years. Her father, Ryan, says Roc Solid, remodeled their home to make it wheelchair accessible for Aubree.

“They’ve been so compassionate to our situation and it’s helped us. It’s taken our minds off the negative that’s happened and focuses on the positive things like with her being here. It’s incredible,” he says.

Evans used a special arm bike to pedal down the street. The neuroblastoma left her paralyzed but it’s not stopping her from fulfilling her dreams. She plans on being in the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles. The organization is helping these kids not only play, but dream big goals.

“If we’re always in laser focus on just building hope, the best way we can, no matter what, Roc Solid will always be around,” Newman says.

He is hoping they’ll still around to help even more kids.