Local chef, relief group dish out meals to hurricane victims in Florida

ESTERO, Fl. (WAVY) – A local man is helping to dish out thousands of meals to victims of Hurricane Irma in Florida.

“We’ve fed some people that have seven feet of water in their homes,” says Dane Macan.

Macan, of Chesapeake, traveled south with Mercy Chefs, a non-profit, faith-based non-profit organization. On Thursday, he spoke with 10 On Your Side over the phone from the parking lot of the Living Waters Church in Estero.

There, his group has been serving lunches and dinners, totaling about 10,000 meals each day.

“When the people come out here, there’s a lot of comfort, spirits are as good as they can be,” he says.

Macan says one of the biggest challenges has been obtaining diesel fuel. The group uses it to cook within mobile kitchens. The temperatures are reaching over 100 degrees. At night, they sleep in RVs powered by generators.

“We can give these people hope that the disaster they’re going through right now is not the disaster of their life,” Macan says., through tears.

“What’s happening right now doesn’t define them and by providing meals for them and providing hope and food and love, they know it’s gonna be okay.”

The group will remain until the power returns and grocery stores are back up and running. Mercy Chefs is funded solely through private donations.

If you’d like to contribute, click here. Macan says $2.50 is typically enough to provide one full meal.