Disabled veteran says he’s out thousands after work trailer, tools stolen

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – Disabled Coast Guard veteran Emmett Hobbs of Hampton has run a handyman business for seven years. This week, he was painting a home on Hopi Court and returned to the property to keep working Wednesday.

“As I was coming down the street, I noticed that the trailer wasn’t sitting here. Then my heart sank,” Hobbs says.

A black six-by-ten foot enclosed Homesteader Hercules trailer was gone — with thousands of dollars’ worth of tools inside.

A Homesteader Hercules trailer

“I actually had it backed in all the way up here, even with this wall, and I had locks on the doors and I actually had a tongue lock, which they cut off and made away with the trailer,” Hobbs says, holding the remaining piece of the lock.

Hobbs said the trailer had everything he uses to make a living, like miter saws, nail guns, and air compressors. He had this message for the person who took it:

“I actually said a prayer and asked God to help them, you know, and hopefully change their ways. It’s hard enough out here, trying to make a living, and to do this. It’s heartbreaking, but I mean, I don’t feel hatred, anything towards them, you know, whatever their problem is, I hope they get help for it.”

“I don’t think people realize that when they’re out doing stuff like that, that…you’re actually taking somebody’s way of supporting their family.”

Portsmouth Police said they took down a report of a larceny and are investigating. They estimate the total loss is more than $4,000.