Salon says free haircuts in Hampton helps Take Back the Community

WAVY/Laura Caso

HAMPTON Va. (WAVY) — A Hampton hair salon is taking back the community with a simple back-to-school haircut and there was a line out the door from eager children waiting to get a new do before the first bell rings.

Envy Hair in Hampton has been offering free haircuts on Labor Day for the last decade. One of the salon owners, April Cofield, says the kids have a different attitude when they come in and when they go.

“They are just happy and have a different self confidence,” said Cofield.

Denim Vincent is about to start 5th grade and she says she loves her straight hair.

“I feel amazing and I think my friends and teachers are going to like it.”

More than 24 volunteers make the day possible for children who otherwise, may have not have the opportunity to get a haircut the day before school.

Antoine Roberts, 17,  and he is about to enter his senior year of high school. Roberts was at the salon the first year that the free haircuts started.

“It’s a positive thing. You go in [to school] not with I wish I had this or that, you go in with a fresh start so you can finish strong,” said Roberts.

Cofield and the stylists say it’s so much more than just a haircut for these kids.

“We grew up to grow a business and to do something with our lives so we feel that we can make an impact on our young  kids and let them know that they can do the same thing just being from this area.”

They say there is an indirect impact between getting a haircut and cutting crime.

Lakkia White has had a major influence on the children and the free giveaway.

“I think this has an indirect impact for these kids,” said White. “So if you are going so if you are making sure you are looking good and keeping yourself clean and looking nice you don’t want to be out there and doing things and that is going to take away from the way you look and that relates to crime and things that are negative to yourself.”

And when the kids are done with their free haircut, they get a free bag with school supplies, thanks to Pastor Jeffrey Johnson and the Refuge Christian Church.

“We know that in this community some times its hard to keep food on the table, keep the bills running and keep clothes on your kids back so if we can help and alleviate some of the costs that’s what the church is here for.