Dog dies from injuries after kennel stay in Newport News

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) -The 10-month-old dog who was injured at a Newport News kennel on Aug. 26 has died.

Jason Fox, the dog’s owner, made the announcement via Facebook on Friday night that Fenway has passed.

“We are simply devastated! Our Fenway lost his fight tonight at 11:32pm.”

Fox said on Aug. 25, he dropped off the 10-month-old Australian Shepard at Coastal Dog Services in Newport News to board him. On Aug. 26, the kennel called Fox to tell him they had to rush Fenway to the vet.

Pet owner claims dog was seriously injured while at kennel

Kennel owner Rick Tvelia told 10 On Your Side that the dog’s collar had gotten stuck a fence, but he didn’t know what happened to the dog.
Fenway was taken to an emergency veterinary clinic in Richmond for care on Sunday, where he remained until his death.

Fenway underwent several surgeries over the last week. But late Friday night, Jason Fox got a call that doctors lost Fenway.

“Unfortunately, I think the injuries he suffered were just too much for his little body to hold up anymore,” he said.

Monday, the Foxes sat in their backyard going over memories of their lost dog.

“He’d come darting out the door and he would jump into the net around our trampoline and bounce off the net,” he smiled. “We’d always laugh because he knew the net is there.”

“He’s not with us and we’re constantly reminded of his toys and his things that we have here at the house,” Jason Fox said. “It just makes it difficult to get through and get over.”

Newport News Animal Control said they are investigating the incident.

The owner of Coastal Dog Services told 10 On Your Side he would pay Fenway’s vet bills.

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