Bald eagle hit by vehicle in Va. Beach has died

HK (Wildlife of Virgina)

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) –  A spokesperson with the Wildlife Center of Virginia confirmed the bald eagle who was hit by a car has died.

A Virginia Beach bald eagle known as “HK” was hit by a vehicle and injured on Friday, September 1.

The Wildlife Center of Virginia said that HK was taken to a local veterinarian, who looked him over and stabilized him before he was transported to the center in Waynesboro.

HK was described as “bright and feisty” while being restrained for examination. Blood was found in his mouth, which indicates internal trauma.

Radiographs revealed bruising in HK’s lungs and a fracture of one of his right leg bones, which is scheduled to be surgically repaired next week. Vets removed the federal identifying band around HK’s leg in case of swelling.

On Friday, the veterinary team noticed that the blood flow to HK’s fractured right leg was not making any improvements, despite warm compresses and salt bath soaks, physical therapy, and laser therapy. According to the websites press release, after the extensive treatments, Dr. Ernesto decided if there was no improvement, he would need to make a difficult decision.

Saturday afternoon, no improvements were seen, but the team decided to attempt one more procedure — a fasciotomy, to relieve the tension and pressure in the leg that had lost circulation. Sadly, HK died under anesthesia.  Dr. Monica attempted CPR for several minutes, but could not revive HK.

HK hatched in 2009 at a nest at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens and is spotted and photographed by the local birding community, according to the Virginia Wildlife Center.

The bald eagle was seen nesting at the Honey Bee Golf Course in Virginia Beach.