Hampton Roads team helping to rescue pets left behind in Houston

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) — Just like the many of the Houston residents who need help, so do their pets. Many pets were abandoned when the waters began to rise.

A team of animal lovers left Hampton Roads Tuesday to help rescue and care for pets.

“Anything that we can do to help,” said Lacy Kuller from the Virginia Beach SPCA. “They found some animals that were in crates in homes and the water was starting to come up, so they didn’t have anywhere to escape.”

This week, a five-member team from the Virginia Beach SPCA and PETA hit the road for Houston. They brought 1,000 pounds of supplies and food to help out dogs and cats who were left behind.

“It’s devastating,” Kuller said.

The group is boating down covered neighborhood streets — not only looking for animals, but also families who need to be rescued.

“They rescued about 30 people yesterday,” Kuller added.

The people were taken to safety and the animals went to a local shelter.

“It’s terrible,” Jenny Teed of the Virginia Beach SPCA said. “We talked with people yesterday who have been there 30 years and never had any kind of flooding like this.”

Teed is a member of the team down in Houston. She says the area’s shelters are now overflowing with pets.

“I think right now, the immediate concern is just getting the people out of danger and getting animals out of the same life-threatening danger,” Teed said.

At some point, crews will bring some of those animals here to Hampton Roads.

“It’s really heartbreaking to see what those families are going through,” Kuller said.

There’s been no word yet about when those animals heading this way, but if want to help the SPCA in its efforts in Houston, you can donate here.