Bobby Wilder talks about Taylor Heinicke’s game-winning drive for the Vikings

(WAVY) — Old Dominion football coach Bobby Wilder was as excited as anyone when he watched his former player Taylor Heinicke engineer a game-winning drive for the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday night.

According to coach Wilder, it was vintage Heinicke.

“I just looked and thought that’s Taylor, you would expect that from Taylor. He had so many of those game-winning drives when he was at Old Dominion.” What’s even more impressive is he was in a lot of pain. That rib injury was bothering him, but he felt like he had to play, and he had to come in the game cold off the bench, with 2:40 he hasn’t played at all and he needed a drive to win it and a two point conversion. Really proud of Taylor, everybody in the building is excited.”