Hampton Roads-based charity says it could be in Texas for years after Harvey

ROCKPORT, Texas (WAVY) — Operation Blessing arrived in Texas the day Hurricane Harvey hit.

Jody Gettys, Vice President of U.S. Disaster Relief for Operation Blessing International, says there is a lot of devastation and the work is far from over.

“It’s almost like two disasters,” said Gettys. “It’s catastrophic.”

Getty is talking about roofs off homes and trees down in places like Rockport, Texas, and then catastrophic flooding in Houston. Operation Blessing has workers in both areas helping with the pain and the loss.

“Loss is loss and it’s painful. Even yesterday, I was in a community that there was just tree damage and of course that’s damage for them but we had the opportunity to pray for the residents and every time I opened my eyes their eyes were filled with tears. They are trying to be strong for those in Houston.”

The group left Hampton Roads for Texas and arrived just moments before Hurricane Harvey made landfall.

Hampton Roads crews head to Texas ahead of Harvey

Since that time, the charity has delivered thousands of bottles of water to shelters and 50 portable cribs. They’ve prayed, and they’ve delivered four semi-trailers to the Salvation Army to store food for large field kitchens. They’ve even spent time with a local church to train the pastor about disaster relief.

Gettys says it is endless days and volunteers are needed.

“Operation Blessing responded to Katrina much like we did Harvey and we were there for two to two and a half years and I’m not sure how long we will be here, I just know there is a long road to recovery and we are going to need a lot of people to come help.”

To help, go online. You can donate or even volunteer. They ask that you cover your transportation and they will cover the rest of the costs to volunteer.