Surveillance video shows vandals break into local car dealership

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — More local car dealers have been hit by vandals.

Earlier this week, 10 On Your Side reported that two car dealerships in Portsmouth — Mid-Atlantic Motors and Sahara Motors, both on Fredrick Boulevard — were damaged by vandals.

Early Wednesday morning, a third business in the city was hit, along with a fourth in the South Norfolk part of Chesapeake.

Surveillance video shows a young man pop up and scope out SoNo Auto Sales. Moments later, the double-pane window is smashed.

“When I got here, it was full of glass,” said Jessica Conn, of SoNo Auto Sales. “We had part of the door frame that was busted down here on the floor, glass everywhere. As I peeked through the window, my front office was completely shattered with glass.”

10 On Your Side is not identifying the suspects because they appear to be underage.

The surveillance shows one suspect climb through into the front office. When he looks up at the camera, he takes off.

“It was just horrible. We were worried about whether they had vandalized or taken anything from inside. Our biggest concern was to whether or not they had gotten any keys,” Conn said. “My first thought is these are probably kids out doing this and I’m wondering what’s going on in the homes, why these kids are running around at 2:30 in the morning doing this kind of thing.”

Minutes after the incident at SoNo, someone ransacked the key rack at GAC Automotive in Portsmouth. The owner says an employee chased him away and the young man dropped all the keys.

Now these two auto shops want to know who did this — and why.

“I’d just like for this to maybe reach a neighbor who knows this kid, a parent of course who knows him, maybe a teacher or somebody he works with, so he can be held accountable for what he’s done so maybe he can get some discipline so this can put him on the right path as an adult,” Conn said.

Police aren’t sure if the break-ins at SoNo and GAC are related at this time. However, police say the young man spotted in the surveillance video could be part of the group that vandalized the car shops on Frederick Boulevard over the weekend. Detectives believe it may be three teenage boys and a teenage girl.