Hampton police to apply for grant to support technology upgrades

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — Hampton police are applying for federal grants to support technology upgrades at the division.

The city is eligible to apply for the 2017 Local Solicitation Justice Assistance Grant program, an annual grant awarded by the federal government based on a locality’s population and crime statistics.

The grant would support operational needs for law enforcement in the form of additional personnel, equipment, supplies, training and more.

The allocation for Hampton is $43,958, which the division intends to use for:

  • Obtain a closed-circuit television system to integrate into the police division’s Real Time Information Center. This would support public safety operations, especially during emergencies, major city events and times of heightened alert ($24,534)
  • Get optics sights and fore-end system upgrades to current division-issued weapons to replace aging systems ($19,424).

You can comment on the use of the funds by emailing the police division.