Stunning, eerie videos capture the solar eclipse

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY/NBC) — The 2017 Solar Eclipse offered stunning and eerie views on Monday, both for casual onlookers and photographers.

Videos from the across the country showed the totality as the moon completely blocked the sun — and how people reacted. That moment was first seen in areas like Silverton, Oregon.

The eclipse ended in South Carolina. A lighting show accompanied the eclipse in Charleston, as raw drone video showed.

Elsewhere, excited crowds in Clemson and Columbia cheered the darkened eclipse skies at watch parties.

One video from NASA showed the International Space Station pass in front of the sun during the eclipse. NASA used a high-speed camera in Wyoming to record the video at 1,500 frames per second.

Special Coverage: Solar Eclipse 2017

Crew aboard ISS were a1,500 frames per second able to the moon’s shadow — or umbra — over the United States.

Some lucky passengers aboard an Alaska Airlines flight got a special view of Monday’s eclipse. This group bought tickets on a special charter flight.

The plane flew two hours out over the Pacific Ocean to get a view of the eclipse at 40,000 feet. One couple paid $21,000 for seats on the flight.

Of course, an event like a solar eclipse invites the opportunity for time lapse videos. A time lapse from WAVY sister station WKRN shows how dark the skies got over Nashville on Monday.