Kids flash peaceful message signs near Lee monument

RICHMOND, Va. (WAVY) — About 20 kids from The ARTS Community Center lined up along Monument Avenue in Richmond holding peaceful message signs on Thursday.

Instead of scribbling polarizing or political words on them, they chose to spread positivity.

“We’re bringing peace and love,” said Zion Richardson-Keys.

They flashed the signs to cars passing by the Robert E. Lee monument. Several drivers honked to show support.

Donovan Cobbs’ sign said, ‘Be one of the greats and express your greatness. Make a positive impact on the world.’

“We’re spreading a peaceful message,” he said. “People’s hearts change when they see kids.”

Other signs said, “smile,” “we are family” and “love all, forgive all.”

Terry Rea lives nearby. He said he’s seen other demonstrations along Monument Avenue recently, but to hear such young voices was different.

“This is going to be their city. The days of sticking by the old thing just because it’s the old thing — they’re gone,” said Rea.

Rea said, for some passing by, the kids’ mission could provide comfort.

“Maybe after all the anxiety we’ve been feeling the last few days, to see this, you feel better,” he said.

Yvonne Libron often takes her signs to the streets. She runs Street Loving in RVA. On Thursday, she just had a bigger and younger crowd alongside her.

“You have to be the example. You have to show people who are either ignorant, fearful or hateful that this is what love looks like,” she said.