Former Oscar Smith QB Phillip Sims is now a high school head coach

RICHMOND (WAVY) — Phillip Sims was one of the most successful high school quarterbacks in state history. A four-year starter at Oscar Smith, he won a state championship. Sims is back in the high school ranks, as the head coach of John Marshall in Richmond.

Sims went to Alabama, Virginia and Winston-Salem State for college and attended several NFL training camps. He played in the Canadian Football League and now he’s a head coach.

“It’s kind of crazy that somebody looked at me as a guy that was ready to lead a group of young men,” Sims said.  “It’s probably one of the highest praises that you can get as a player….as a coach you have to be looked at as a leader.”

Sims is only 24-years-old, not that far removed from the players he’s coaching now.

“I understand being a teenager, you’re in between you want to be an adult but you’re not quite there yet. You think you know all the answers but you don’t. I l know what they’ve gone through and I’ve done it recently.”