7 of 12 accused in Hampton Roads heroin ring appear in court

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Seven people charged in connection to an alleged drug ring in Portsmouth appeared in federal court Thursday.

In November of 2015, a Chesapeake man overdosed and died from heroin. According to police, his dealer tipped off federal agents that he got his heroin from Leroy Perdue, of Portsmouth.

Federal agents believe Perdue is the head of a large drug trafficking organization run throughout Hampton Roads.

Prosecutors say that since the deadly overdose, two dozen confidential sources infiltrated the group. They claimed to have made 10 controlled drug buys from known dealers.

An indictment filed earlier this month charges 12 people in connection with the drug ring. The 12 are facing charges including manufacturing, distributing, and possess with intent to manufacture and distribute.

The group is accused of having sold fentanyl, heroin and gray death — or carfentanyl. In total, prosecutors allege the group sold $13 million worth of narcotics in 10 years.

Monday, federal agents arrested Perdue at a residence he owns in Macon, Georgia. According to prosecutors, the home is 4,000 square feet, but inside, all they found was an air mattress.

Perdue is being held in Georgia until he can brought back to Norfolk.

During Thursday’s court hearing, prosecutors said they can confidently link four overdoses to the group, including the deadly one in Chesapeake. The other three were not fatal.