Police investigating ‘illegal rooming house,’ multiple adults with injuries

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A house in Norfolk is under investigation after several people had to be taken to the hospital.

Court documents show the people living there were suffering from multiple injuries and conditions, including lacerations, abrasions and bed sores.

Norfolk Adult Protective Services told investigators about the incapacitated adults inside the home mid-May. Police say multiple people were taken from the home to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries, but they were unable to confirm a specific number.

An investigator visited the hospital and described one of the adults, a 65-year-old man, as emaciated and almost non-verbal, except for his requests for food. That man had numerous lacerations and abrasions that were bleeding through his clothing and bandages. Investigators also believe the man had a broken foot that was wrapped in masking tape and other than that, was left untreated.

Tuesday, there was one person at the home. He would not speak with 10 On Your Side on camera, but says he’s only been living there for a few days with his aunt and uncle.

We were unable to contact the homeowners.

Neighbors say they seem to be friendly, but police are often not far away. One man, who has lived in the area for 54 years, said, “Just riding by. See the cops out there and I’d stop, you know being nosy.”

Nobody has been charged or arrested in this case. Police say criminal charges are being investigated.