Apply for cooling cost assistance in Norfolk through midnight

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Norfolk families in need help with their cooling costs this summer can apply for assistance through midnight.

The city says families meeting certain criteria can apply online at this link or by picking up an application at the Norfolk Department of Human Services location.

In order to qualify, the household must contain at least one vulnerable person age 60 or older, under the age of 6, or disabled. Applicants must reside in the house.

The maximum monthly gross income (before taxes) for a one-person household is $1,307, and $2,665 for a household of four.

The city says the maximum assistance for electricity payments is $300.

Types of assistance available includes:

  • Payment of electric bills to operate cooling equipment;
  • Repair of a central air conditioning system or heat pump;
  • Purchase of a fan;
  • Purchase and installation of a window unit air conditioner for households without a working one.