Norfolk police and community bond over hoops

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Officers with the Norfolk Police Department joined kids and teens from across the area for some basketball.

It was part of the 4th Annual Shoot Hoops Not Guns event. Organizers say about 90 players faced off in the 5-on-5 tournament with police officers serving as the coaches. The event helps strengthen the relationship between officers and teens; it also teaches them positive alternatives to gun violence.

“There have been so many deaths – teens, adults, youths, that died by the hand of a gun. So we thought, let’s get together, let’s shoot hoops instead of guns. Let’s stop shooting those guns and you know, have something else, have the youth involved, have the police officers involved.” said Kristina Boone with Norfolk Emerging Leaders.

Norfolk’s Department of Neighborhood Development hopes to hold the event again next August.