Proposal suggests fee at Yorktown Beach

YORK COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — A proposal for to implement a user fee at Yorktown Beach has many in the community split.

The York County Board of Supervisors have been discussing the proposal. Some board members say they’ve gotten feedback about the idea — and not all of it has been positive.

Board member Walt Zaremba proposed the idea and spoke in favor of a user fee for the beach.

Zaremba says the county is getting complaints about trash. That, plus a recent tax hike has him looking for a frugal solution.

“Let some of the folks who don’t live in the county contribute somewhat toward the county’s ability to generate revenue to pay for our necessities,” Zaremba said.

Others on the board, like Thomas Shepperd Jr., are against it.

“My initial reaction was I’m opposed to it,” Shepperd said. “I’m more opposed to it today than I was when I first heard about.”

Shepperd says there are many issues with this problem, including how to implement the fee and keeping tourists in the area. He also says part of the beach is federal land and it’s not clear how that would play a role.

“You want people to come to the beach, you want people to come to Yorktown… That’s why we put it down there. If we put the fee on, you’re inhibiting folks. You’re saying, ‘Wow, not so fast.'”

Some business owners along the beach are also concerned it could turn potential customers away.

Zaremba says he hopes the fee would only be imposed on those who live outside the county.

The proposal will be discussed further in upcoming meetings.