Ground worker survives lightning strike at Florida airport

Image courtesy of Southwest Florida International Airport via NBC News Channel

FT. MYERS, Fla. (NBC) — A ground worker at a Florida airport is out of the hospital after being struck by lightning on the tarmac.

The moment the lightning hit was caught on camera.

You can see the bolt strike the tail of a Sun Country Airlines plane.

In another angle from the video released by Southwest Florida International Airport, you can see the worker walk underneath the nose of the aircraft as the lightning hits.

The man, 21-year-old Austin Dunn, gets thrown backwards from the jolt.

He was released from the hospital Tuesday, nearly two weeks after the near death experience.

Dunn has third-degree burns all over his body, but is doing better.

His family says the sudden news of the accident caught them all by surprise.

Airport officials say the lightning warning systems were activated at the time Dunn was hit.

Dunn was employed by a company called Navstar — it’s a subcontractor for under-wing handling.

It has not returned a request for comment.