Norfolk Tides make ESPN’s Top 10 plays three times in one week

NORFOLK (WAVY) — Something special happened at Harbor Park last week. On Monday, Chris Johnson’s leaping catch landed a spot on ESPN’s Top 10 Plays.

“I watched Sportscenter that night and there it was in the top ten,” Tides Director of Media Relations Ian Locke said. “That doesn’t happen very often.”

But on Thursday, Mike Yastrzemski made a highlight reel catch at the wall, and that play actually was named number one. Two top ten plays on ESPN in one week, not bad, right? On Friday, the Tides did it again. Yastrzemski, a diving catch and another appearance on ESPN’s Top Ten — three in less than a week.

“Three top ten plays in a week, as long as I’ve been here, and I’ve been here since 2004 that’s never come close to happening,” Locke said.

So how do Locke and his staff get the attention of ESPN?

“A lot of times it’s through twitter, the hashtag SCTop10, Sportscenter Top Ten, they reach out to us to get a higher resolution version of it,” Locke said. “They will view it through Twitter, once they realize they want the play they will contact us to get our FTP log in information and we will provide that to them so that they can access the highest resolution version of that video and then we just hope to have it show up on ESPN.”