All-clear given at Naval Station Norfolk; no diver found

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — An all-clear was issued at Naval Station Norfolk Monday night, hours after a possible diver was spotted near a base pier.

Around 9 a.m., multiple watchstanders reported seeing a person wearing goggles and a scuba tank near Pier 7, according to base spokesperson Kelly Wirfel.

In response, Navy officials secured access to all of the base’s piers. The piers were shut down to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Naval personnel were asked to stay away from the waterfront area. No one was allowed to come or go from the pier area until the all-clear was given.

After an hours-long search by Explosive Ordnance Disposal Units, base security, Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 28, the Coast Guard and ship watchstanders, no diver was found and all ships were determined to be clear. Wirfel said officials confirmed there was no maintenance work being done in the area.

A base spokesperson confirmed there was also a bomb threat on the USS Oak Hill Monday. Nothing was found.

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