Large cat up for adoption in North Carolina

Mr. Handsome

CHATHAM COUNTY, N.C. (WAVY) — A really large cat will be up for adoption in North Carolina…as soon as he loses some weight.

Mr. Handsome, who is a stray, weighs a whopping 31 pounds. The average weight for a male cat is about 8 pounds. He came to the Chatham County animal shelter recently, near Chapel Hill.


Animal workers say so many people have expressed interest in adopting him, that they will raffle him off.  But first he’s going on a diet.

At 31 pounds, he can’t even fit into a regular kitty carrier.  Vets say his previous owner overfeed him, and that the cat likely suffers from some internal health issues.

If you’re interested in adopting him, or any other animals, here’s a link to the application.