Local animal shelters hoping older animals find forever homes

Dogs at the Peninsula SPCA

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – For the next month, 10 On Your Side is partnering with 13 local animal shelters to get as many pets adopted as possible.

It’s a nation-wide initiative calledClear the Shelters” and last year, more than 70,000 pets found homes because of it.

“We have a wonderful group of adoptable animals,” said Ellen Thacker, Executive Director of the Peninsula SPCA.  “The faster we can get them out of the shelter, the better it is for them mentally and physically.

The Peninsula SPCA is one of the shelters participating in “Clear the Shelters.” Their goal for the initiative is to get their “special needs” pets with loving families. “By special needs, I mean pets who may be older or pets that have a physical situation going on,” Thacker explained.

The Virginia Beach SPCA also hopes you look at their older dogs, like Grumpy and Lucy, who were born in the same litter.

“These guys are six years old and they’re house trained, said Lacy Kuller, who is the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Virginia Beach SPCA.  “They do really well with a family, with kids.”

At the Virginia Beach SPCA, you can get $25 off the adoption fee for animals more than one year old.  They, just like the Peninsula SPCA, encourage people to come in, meet the pets, and work with an adoption counselor to find the best fit.

“Everybody’s family varies, each one of the animals in the shelter varies, so they have gotten to know the animals because they’re caring for them everyday,” said Kuller.  “And they can really link you up with what is a good fit.”

At the Peninsula SPCA, the average stay for an animal is only about two weeks, so they’ve seen first-hand the impact a pet can make.

“You’re not only doing a great thing for your family, but you’re also doing a great thing for a homeless animal that may otherwise not have a lot of great options,” said Thacker.

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