Changes coming to two Norfolk intersections

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A major road in downtown Norfolk will soon be seeing some changes. Next month, crews will start working on two intersections off of Brambleton Avenue.

If you’ve driven though the NEON District in Norfolk, you’ve seen its hallmark street art. You may have met the business owners and employees, too.

“It’s a very friendly atmosphere,” said Earnest Coleman, Jr., the store manager at Stark & Legum. “Anything that help businesses and has people who come in, to have an influx of people in the area, is always a fantastic thing.”

Right now, you won’t notice any changes on Brambleton, Granby or Monticello, unless you’re walking and looking down. The city says drivers will start to notice changes starting in August. The project includes new traffic signals, ADA ramps, pedestrian push-button activators and new pavement. It also includes a new crosswalk entrance to the NEON district.

“I really hope it starts knitting together downtown and NEON,” said Rachel McCall, who is the special projects manager with the Downtown Norfolk Council. “We hear a lot downtown that people feel scared to cross Brambleton. My goal really, that people will start to feel more comfortable.”

The city worked with the Downtown Norfolk Council to pick a design that complies with VDOT requirements.

“Brambleton is very busy street, so we really had to choose creative elements that were really going to stand up to a heavy traffic load,” McCall said. So, drivers will soon see a gray geometric cross walk that lets you know exactly where you are.

McCall said,”Not every million dollar project gets a lot of community input so we’re really happy about it.”

Most of the construction will take place at night and on the weekends. It’s expected to take 8 months to complete. It will cost $1.36 million dollars and there is a cost-sharing agreement between the city and VDOT.