Counting Kindness – Books on Bikes Newport News

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – Books on Bikes keeps children excited and engaged in reading throughout the summer. The program originated in Charlottesville and three Newport News teachers have replicated the plan locally.

Here’s how it works: three teachers, Karen Ciotta, Michelle McClean and Megan Young hop on their bikes as soon as school lets out and bring books to Newport News neighborhoods all summer long. They teach at Epps and Greenwood Elementary Schools and bike about seven-and-a-half miles each time they go out.

The ladies pull big baskets filled with books and popsicles seven to eight times a month and between 100 and 140 children show up at each stop. The teachers have been doing this for three years and the good news is, more and more children and families are coming to their stops.

However, Karen, Michelle and Megan need enough books for every child. They give away 300 to 350 books per stop right now, and buy a lot of the books themselves. Some are donated, others are purchased as a result of financial donations.

There are several more weeks left before school is back in session, so Ciotta, McClean and Young will continue to bike with their books. If you would like to help them out, the best place to get information is their Facebook page.