Will the Tide go to Naval Station Norfolk?

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Will Naval Station Norfolk be the end of the line for the Tide? The city wants to expand light rail to serve the base.

Hampton Roads Transit will present several potential alternative routes to city council this week.

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If you ask some people, light rail isn’t a preferred way to get through the Mermaid City.

“It’s not anywhere near Military Circle Mall or any other destinations that people travel to a lot,” Robert Warren said on Colley Avenue.

For several years, HRT has made plans to change that. Jamie Jackson from HRT’s Transit Development Department says the latest goal is to take the Tide up to Naval Station Norfolk.

“We look at streets that are available and can handle high-capacity transit,” Jackson said.

HRT study looks at extending the Tide to ODU, Naval Station Norfolk

This week, HRT will present 14 different paths up the west side of the city to the Norfolk City Council.

“It will be looking at specific streets. Does it go down Colley? Does it go down Granby? Does it go down Church Street?” Jackson said.

There’s a chance it won’t be light rail. HRT is also looking at street cars and high transit bus routes.

“We’ll review, analyze and look at data so that we can reduce those alternatives to a more manageable size,” Jackson explained.

One of the 14 routes will go up against an east-side proposal.

“Then we’ll see what is the best side to proceed in Norfolk in this process,” Jackson said.

With 60,000 to 70,000 people traveling Norfolk to the naval base everyday, Robert Warren thinks that’s the ideal spot to let the Tide go.

“You’d get a lot of people more interested in riding it. Might help free up some of the congestion on the highway,” he said.