Update on Kitty Hawk renourishment project

This image shows a completed section of Kitty Hawk during a nourishment project. The completed section was in the area of the Sea Dunes Condominiums. Credit: Kitty Hawk Police Department

DARE COUNTY, N.C. (WAVY) — Officials in Dare County provided an update this week to the ongoing renourishment project in Kitty Hawk.

Various projects along North Carolina’s vulnerable Outer Banks will widen the existing beach by pumping from a nearby sandbar. The idea of a renourishment project is to reinforce a shoreline to guard against coastal storms and beach erosion.

North Carolina Highway 12 along the Outer Banks has been a subject of damage from erosion and overwash. A large portion of the road fell off into the sea during Hurricane Matthew last October.

Officials said Thursday a section of the beach in Kitty Hawk has been closed as one of the project’s dredges heads to Norfolk for scheduled maintenance.

Kitty Hawk renourishment project map

Kitty Hawk police said in Facebook post a quarter-mile stretch along Virginia Dare Trail — in the area of East Sibbern St. —  has been closed.

The Liberty Island dredge is getting maintenance work done, after finishing pumping sand at the White Street subline.

Kitty Hawk officials say there could be more temporary closings in the area of Sea Dunes Condominiums to East Sibbern St.for work on the dune.

Southern Shores moving forward with beach replenishment

When all is said and done, the project is expected to bolster 3.58 miles of shoreline from Southern Shores to the Kill Devil Hills town lines.

The Kitty Hawk renourishment project is expected to be completed in mid-August.


Dare County officials say the Buxton project is 10 percent completed, as work is expected to pick back up on Sunday.

Buxton beach renourishment project map

The Cape Hatteras Motel has uploaded several videos to YouTube showing crews at work.

Work on the Buxton project began in late-June, and is expected to last 90 days.

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