Local camp aims to build positive relationships between kids and law enforcement

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — 10 On Your Side went to camp Friday.

This camp involves the sheriff, the Girl Scouts, the state attorney general, Old Dominion University, Norfolk State University, police and firefighters. How can a camp like that not succeed?

It’s been said that “idleness is the devil’s workshop.” With that in mind, Norfolk Sheriff Joe Baron wants active children, so he picks them up at Lake Taylor, Booker T. Washington and Norview high schools to get kids out of their home, and staying active.

The thing about a summer camp like Camp Apasus: You hook kids in with archery, basketball, swimming and learning about the Mexican Beaded Lizard, so you can hook them on messages like staying out of gangs. That message has been received by 14-year-old Jayden Hargett.

“We’ve been going on trips and learning about bullying and gangs, and how it can affect people, and learning  how gangs are more likely to mean trouble for the individual,” Hargett said.

The Sheriff Joe Baron Foundation targets children like Hargett, ages 10 to 14 — a time when kids start getting into trouble.

“If we give them something to do during the summer and it’s important for the community is developing a positive relationship with those in law enforcement. They see people like myself in uniform,” says the Norfolk Sheriff Joe Baron.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring was at camp Friday.

“We are helping kids learn about the law and to make good decisions as they are growing up.”

They want to make the students good citizens.

Mia Sikaffy likes the field trip to the Chrysler Museum.

“When you get to go to the places with other people, and you go to the places with people, you get to see their opinions, too, and it’s nice.”

You know what Mia really loves on a hot day at camp? “We love to go swimming at the end of the day for 30 to 35 minutes.”

Amen to that!

You can learn more about the camp here.