Jazz Fest : Fun Things You Want To Know

I chatted with Jason Nichols, Director of Marketing for FestEvents about this year’s 35th Annual Norfolk Waterfront Jazz Festival.

  • Q: Annaka Chesnutt, FOX 43
  • AJason NicholsDirector of Marketing at FestEvents

Why did the Jazz Festival get moved to the SCOPE Arena?

Jazz Fest is a rain or shine event, however because of the forecast of adverse weather conditions: the heat index and threat of thunderstorms, we are moving it inside for safety. We want people to be comfortable and be able to enjoy the music.

Where there any musicians or bands you booked this year that you are excited about or weren’t expecting?

I’m really excited for The Rippingtons. They are a HUGE get in the jazz world, and a big, BIG name. I know a lot of people will be looking forward to that and the legends on Saturday night. We have Roy Ayers, Tom Browne, Lonnie Liston Smith and Ronnie Laws… they are performing together as the superstars of jazz fusion. Just those four people individually are amazing and to have all four of them together on stage is going to be AMAZING!

Will you still have the same food and shopping atmosphere now that the event has been moved to the SCOPE?

We will still have food vendors and retail at the Scope arena. We are trying to bring as much from the park as possible to keep the vibe in tact. You’ll be getting the full experience of Jazz Fest but just inside a nice air-conditioned space. All of the tickets that were purchased in advance, are all valid for the SCOPE.

What people can not bring – Waterfront VS. SCOPE arena

NO coolers and NO chairs will be allowed inside the Scope. We have to abide by their rules and regulations, but there will be seating inside! General admission chairs, VIP chairs… Everything that you purchased in advance will be available.


For more details on the 35th Annual Norfolk Waterfront Jazz Festival visit : festevents.org