Navy: Sailors save man’s life aboard USS Abraham Lincoln

This image was posted to the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) Facebook page, with a caption reading: "During an all-hands call, Commanding Officer Capt. Putnam Browne recognizes the Sailors who came to a civilian worker's aid, June 14."

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Sailors aboard the Norfolk-based USS Abraham Lincoln (CNV 72) helped save the life of a man working aboard the ship last month, Navy officials said Thursday.

US Navy officials say this happened June 14 as the Abraham Lincoln was moored in Norfolk ahead of workups. The Lincoln recently returned to Naval Station Norfolk after undergoing a four-year overhaul.

The USS Abraham Lincoln returns to Naval Station Norfolk Friday, May 12, 2017, following a four-year overhaul. Credit: WAVY/Larry Carney

Master-at-Arms 2nd class Casey Sanders saw a man lying in the hanger bay at 5:30 a.m. Officials says Sanders noticed the man was not breathing and had no pulse — so he tried to resuscitate him.

Within one minute of a casualty alarm, a medical team responded with an artificial external defibrillator (AED) to help.

Officials say the machine showed a continuous heart rhythm after two shocks.

“For several of the corpsmen this was the first time they had participated in a real-life code event,” said Lt. Cmdr. Louis Grass. “This gentleman would have died if it was not for my team.”

Master-at-Arms 2nd class Travis Markovich, Abraham Lincoln’s security department medical trainer, said, “It does not surprise me that Sanders responded as he did and saved that man.”

The Navy on Thursday said the following sailors responded to help:

  • Lt Cmdr. Louis Grass
  • Chief Hospital Corpsman Patrick Lumas
  • Hospital Corpsman 1st class Naphtali Odongo
  • Hospital Corpsman 2nd class Ky Amos
  • Hospital Corpsman 2nd class Jamika Lewis
  • Hospital Corpsman 3rd class Corinna Youngblood
  • Hospital Corpsman 3rd class Drake Gibson
  • Master-at-Arms 2nd class Casey Sanders
  • Legalman 2nd class James Cameron

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