Hampton firefighter treated for heat exhaustion after responding to house fire

Image: @HamptonVAFire/Twitter

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — A firefighter was treated for mild heat exhaustion after responding to a house fire Thursday morning, officials said.

Crews responded to Mallory Street in Hampton just before 10:30 a.m.

Eight people were home at the time of the fire, but none of them were hurt, officials said.

Heavy equipment combined with heavy humidity kept crews soaked in sweat.

“What we try to do in a case like this, is to have more units on scene. Automatically, we dispatched one additional engine because of the heat and the humidity. We have a rehab truck that we set up, we have plenty of fluids, and we try to make sure we have everybody on a nice rotation out of the direct sunlight,” said Batt. Chief Anthony Chittum.

A boy in the home helped save the people inside, Chittum said.

“Once he started to smell and heard the crackling like I said, he explained it that it sounded like balloons were popping. Once he heard that, he immediately looked back there, saw the fire, woke up the rest of his family and had them all exit out of the front,” Chittum said.

The heat index was expected to be in the 100’s during the day Thursday. The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory for much of the region.

Video included in a tweet from the Hampton Fire Department showed crews on scene working overhaul on the heavily damaged house. Smoke could be seen seeping out windows in the front of the house.

It is unclear what may have caused the fire.

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