Woman seeks owner of engraved military ring found in local park

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – A local woman is searching for the owner of a military ring that she discovered beneath pine needles and leaves at a local park.

“It could have been a gum wrapper, it could have been anything, but something told me to scrape a little bit and check it out,” Jody Brantley told 10 On Your Side.

Brantley was walking towards the nature trail at Deer Park last Thursday when she stopped to grab a water bottle from her backpack. The bottle slipped from her hands, falling onto the ground.

While reaching for it, something out of the ordinary caught her eye in nearby weeds.

“[I] noticed just a little bit of color sticking out of the ground… picked it up and I could tell it was a ring but it was heavily dirt-encrusted.”

She took the ring home and cleaned it off, realizing it wasn’t just any piece of silver.

“It has ‘You are not forgotten’ and a picture of a solider leaning against a Vietnam Wall memorial.”

Engraved inside the band are the initials “L.B.” and the years 1971 to 1972.

“We have a huge military presence here in Hampton Roads,” she said. “Many people separate, retire here, so I thought, small local park, good chance, it’s one of our local veterans.”

Brantley’s father is also a Vietnam veteran who served around the same time as “L.B.”

“He was probably somebody just like my dad and I’d really like to get it back to ’em,” she said. “So I hope somebody sees this and knows L.B. or a family member.”

Anyone who thinks they know who the ring belongs to can email liz.kilmer@wavy.com or call 757-673-5373.