Suspect connected to military housing shooting turns himself in

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A man police say is connected to the June 23 shooting that left 18-year-old Isaiah Martin dead has turned himself in to police.

Isaac Lucheino Wilson (Photo: Virginia Beach City Jail)

Twenty-year-old Isaac Wilson was arraigned on a charge of conspiracy to commit second-degree murder Wednesday. He spoke to 10 On Your Side from jail, and maintained his innocence.

“I had nothing to do with none of that. I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time,” Wilson told 10 On Your Side’s Deanna LeBlanc.

Wilson did not make it clear why he was in the backseat of a car on Minneapolis Drive. At first, he said the car just happened to be near the victim’s home to make a U-turn after leaving the beach.

Later in the interview, Wilson told Deanna LeBlanc that the female driver of the car had beef with the victim and that Wilson knew Martin. He admitted to having seen Martin earlier that day, but he claims to have no knowledge that someone from the car was going to fire shots.

“Well ma’am, I’m not the driver. I’m not [in] the front seat. I’m joy riding. I’m relaxing myself. I’m getting out of the house,” Wilson said.

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Wilson told 10 On Your Side there were four other people in the car with him. He says when they drove by Martin’s home, Martin was on the porch and Wilson claims Martin was armed.

“Isaiah Martin comes off the porch with a gun, cocks it back, I hit the floor. A few seconds later, I hear shots,” Wilson said.

He claims that because he was on the floor, he did not know who fired at whom. Wilson also claimed not to know there was likely a gun in the car he was riding in. But he seemed to think the shooting was justified.

“He could have killed every last one of us if it was a second later. I’m telling you. A second later, he could have killed me and everybody in that car. A bullet ain’t got no names on it,” he said.

Wilson would not tell 10 On Your Side who else was in the car with him. He did describe the victim as his former “homeboy” who he later had a falling out with.

“I’m sorry for his family that it had to go down like it went down, but when you live that type of life, there’s things that come with it, bro,” Wilson said.

10 On Your Side reached out to Virginia Beach police to corroborate Wilson’s version of events — specifically if Martin was armed. We also wanted to know if anyone else in that vehicle has been arrested or charged. We’re still waiting to hear back.

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