Plans for new development causing uproar in Chesapeake

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Plans for a development in the heart of Great Bridge have nearby Chesapeake residents in an uproar.

This month, Chesapeake’s zoning department is scheduled to review a project that would build nearly 400 homes and apartments. The site borders Great Bridge Boulevard and Fernwood Farms Road.

Across the street from Brenda Ackley, the signs for rezoning stick out in the empty field.

“It’s all of this, and there’s about 90 plus acres,” Ackley pointed out.

Ackley said when she bought her home on Fernwood Farms Road, she didn’t expect any development across the street.

“Especially an apartment complex. That’s gonna bring a lot more traffic into this smaller area,” she said.

This week, the City of Chesapeake is considering a zoning change for the 90 acre plot. It will make way for Fernwood Chase: 60 acres of conservation land, but 30 acres of housing.

“The fact that they have 383 units planned, we think that’s way too much,” said John Weinreich.

Weinreich lives one subdivision over. He thinks the addition of 170 townhomes and more than 200 apartment units will overcrowd the area.

“The road infrastructure, the school infrastructure, the drainage infrastructure doesn’t support that number of units,” Weinreich said.

That’s why he and other homeowners have banded together to try to stop it. The next time the city will hear the proposed change will be Thursday. Weinreich expects to see all nearby neighbors there.

“People who use the road, people who live on that road — it’s their homes and property that are going to be impacted,” he said.

10 On Your Side called the developer, SAS Associates, and left a message to hear their side of the proposal. They have not called us back.

A source said there is a good chance at Wednesday’s zoning meeting a ruling will be postponed until August 9.