1 dead after Norfolk-bound Amtrak train collides with vehicle

(Photo courtesy of WRIC)

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond Police have confirmed that one person is dead as a result of the incident which happened before 7 p.m. at the train tracks in the 1700 block of Broad Rock Boulevard. This is at the intersection of Broad Rock Boulevard and East Belt Boulevard.

8News Reporter Aaron Thomas described the scene in a Facebook LIVE video. In the video, Thomas said that the vehicle’s front bumper detached from the rest of the car during the collision.

Witness Sarah Andrews said she was in the area when she heard what happened.

“We heard the train beeping the horn and then the train had kind of slammed on its brakes and then we heard ‘boom’ like a big crash,” Andrews said.

Other onlookers stood by in disbelief. Neighbors who spoke with 8News said the train signals functioned properly.

“I heard when the train thing went down like this, and I heard when the train honked the horn several times like it usually does,” Andrews said.

The Richmond crash team is currently investigating to determine what happened.

Representatives from Amtrak said that Northeast Regional Train 157 was heading to Norfolk with 137 passengers on board. Fortunately, none of the crew or passengers reported any injuries as a result of the incident.

Amtrak officials said at 9:30 p.m. that they expect the train to continue on its way soon. They also said that they do not expect any impact to their other operations.

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