With deadline approaching, Kirk Cousins discusses contract talks

HOLLAND, MI (WAVY, VIDEO COURTESY WOOD-TV) – Redskins training camp begins later this month in Richmond and perhaps by then, there will be a resolution in the Kirk Cousins contract drama.

Cousins is set to make $24 million this season after having the franchise tag placed on him for the second year in a row.

The Redskins have 10 days to negotiate a long term deal with Cousins. If a long term is not reached by then, the two sides won’t be able to negoitate again until after the season, and he would play this upcoming season on that one year franchise tag.

Cousins was on the field Friday hosting his 5th annual football camp in Holland, Michigan.

Kirk was there to help the kids,  but obviously, the contract situation was brought up.

“If I’m going to build my life based on money shame on me,” Cousins said.  “That’s not where I draw my security from, never should be. My parents didn’t raise me that way. I’m not going to make it about money before franchise tags and I’m not going to make it about money now. I’m going to play, and trust the Lord to provide, protect and to lead. He’ll do what he wants to do regardless of my desires or my plans. He’s going to accomplish his purposes, I’m going to trust him and put my security there and let that lead wherever it leads.”

Regardless of what happens in the long term contract negotiations, the Redskins will have paid Cousins nearly $44 million.