Homeland Security grants extension on Real ID Act requirements

UPDATE (July 11): Langley-Eustis officials said Tuesday the Department of Homeland security has granted an extension to the Real ID Act requirements for Missouri, Minnesota and Oregon. This means all states are now either compliant with the act or have been granted an extension through Oct. 10, 2017.

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Joint Base Langley-Eustis (JBLE) will not be accepting some state-issued IDs as part of the Real ID Act.

Congress passed the Real ID Act in 2005. It officially went into effect on June 6. The Department of Defense issued a grace period for enforcing the act, which extends through Oct. 10 of this year for most states aren’t yet in compliance.

Virginia working to implement Real ID requirements

Currently, Missouri and Minnesota are the only states which are non-compliant with the REAL ID Act. People with “enhanced” driver’s licenses from the state of Minnesota are in compliance.

Langley-Eustis officials say the Real ID Act is always enforced at the base and people from Minnesota and Missouri are denied access unless they have additional identification.

Lawmakers in Oregon recently passed a bill that will allow residents to get licenses and IDs that comply with higher-security requirements under the Real ID Act. Real ID-compliant cards will be issued by request of the applicant, but they won’t be ready in time for January when the Transportation Security Administration begins enforcing the law at U.S. airports, according to the Associated Press. But the Department of Homeland Security has not granted an additional extension at this time.

At 11:59 p.m. on July 10, enforcement of the act will begin for Oregon, along with Minnesota and Missouri, unless Homeland Security grants an extension to the state or another grace period. That means JBLE visitors from any of these three states must make sure they have one of the following documents for proof of identity:

  • CAC Card
  • Non-CAC DoD issued identification cards
  • Non-DoD Federal PIV cards
  • Transportation Worker Identification Card (Needs VCIN/NCIC check)
  • Locally produced Defense Biometric Identification Data System (DBIDS) cards
  • Any local, state, or federal law enforcement credentials when the bearer is entering for official business
  • Newport News School Identification Card with an Extended Pass

Those who wish to get on base who do not have a Federal PIV or other JBLE recognized access credential listed above must provide an approved form of ID, listed below:

  • United States Passport
  • Permanent Resident Card/Alien Registration Receipt Card (Immigration Form I-551)
  • Foreign passport with a temporary (I-551) stamp or temporary (Immigration Form I-551) printed notation on a machine readable immigrant visa
  • Employment Authorization Document (Immigration Form I-766) that contains a photograph
  • Driver’s license or identification card issued by a State or Possession of the United States, provided it is Real ID Act compliant
  • Identification card issued by federal, state, or local government agencies, provided it contains a photograph and biographic information such as name, date of birth, gender, height, eye color and address
  • U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Cards/Credentials

People with currently valid DBIDs ID cards will still have access to the base, but if the card expires after the date of the Real ID Act enforcement, they will need a valid form of identification to renew it.

You can find more information and updates on the Real ID Act here and here.