Newport News police launch online program to report minor crimes


NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Newport News police have set up a new software program that allows residents to go online and report minor crimes.

NNPDOnline is accessible through the internet. Through it, citizens can report certain minor crimes on their own time and the presence of a police officer isn’t required.

All NNPDOnline reports will be reviewed by police personnel and once approved, the person who filed the report will get an email with a copy attached at no cost.

The report will transfer into the police department’s records management system and will be investigated as if it had been filed by a police officer.

In order to file a report on NNPDOnline, there can be no injuries, there is no evidence to collect at the scene of the crime, the incident did not occur on a state highway and it had to have happened within Newport News city limits.

The department provided this example:

If you awake in the morning to discover that someone broke into your car and found items missing, you can file the report online via NNPDOnline. Once police personnel have reviewed the submission online and approved it for NNPDOnline, you will receive an email with a report number — often required for an insurance claim.”

You can file a NNPDOnline report for identity theft, threats, lost or found property, vandalism, harassment and other incidents. A complete list of reportable crimes is available online.

If you wish to see an officer, one will be dispatched to you.

“We consider this a convenient option for the citizens of Newport News and just another step in keeping up with public safety technology for our community members,” said Police Chief Richard Myers. “Not only do we see this program as a convenience for our citizens, we also feel it will free up time for our patrol officers to handle emergencies and other high-priority or dangerous crimes helping us fulfill our mission of continuing to keep our community safe and free of crime.”