Vice President Mike Pence visits Kennedy Space Center

This aerial view shows the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) and other buildings in the Launch Complex 39 area at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Launch Control Center is in front of the VAB, and to the right is the mobile launcher that will be used to transport NASA’s Space Launch System rocket and the Orion crew capsule to Launch Pad 39B. Credits: NASA/Kim Shiflett

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. —Vice President Mike Pence is getting an insider’s look at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

The vice president’s visit to the Kennedy Space Center Thursday may offer the clearest look yet at how NASA may change under the Trump administration.

Pence will address employees Thursday at the Vehicle Assembly Building, once used to stack moon rockets and space shuttles. His tour will also include a look at the future, with NASA’s new Orion spacecraft, and Boeing and SpaceX’s commercial crew effort.

Pence is leading a revived National Space Council. President Donald Trump re-established the advisory group on Friday.

Pence could provide a window into where space exploration is headed under the new administration, when he speaks to Kennedy Space Center employees Thursday.

Last month, Pence visited Johnson Space Center in Houston to help introduce America’s newest astronauts. Florida’s Kennedy is the second stop on his NASA tour. It is NASA’s launch hub, but hasn’t seen any astronaut takeoffs since the shuttles retired in 2011. Boeing and SpaceX are working to change that with their own capsules.