Chesapeake neighborhood reports uptick in crime, reaches out to 10 On Your Side

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – People living in a quiet Chesapeake neighborhood have had enough with thieves roaming up and down their streets, rummaging through property.

“We’ve had a couple rashes of automobile break-ins, a couple neighbors have had pool material and equipment stolen from their garages,” said Craig Broussard, President of the Vance Level Homeowners Association.

Broussard reached out to 10 On Your Side after learning of the latest incidents. In the early morning hours on July 4, neighbors reported having things stolen from their vehicles.

“Brazen, very brazen,” said Pat Proctor. Both his and his daughter’s vehicles were targeted. The crook got away with a hunting knife.

Surveillance cameras at a nearby home captured a man parking a vehicle on Vance Circle around 4 a.m. and roaming from property to property.

Another neighbor told 10 On Your Side a purse was stolen from a family member’s vehicle.

“Hopefully we can get him soon,” Broussard said. “That’s why we reached out to you guys, just to get more visibility as well.”

On June 12, cameras at Kris Stepps’ home also captured an unfamiliar face walking onto a driveway and trying to open car doors.

Stepps said her husband installed the cameras a couple of years ago, after crooks stole guns from his vehicle.

“It’s very violating,” she said. “It’s pretty sad when you can’t live in a nice neighborhood and not have to worry about stuff getting stolen.”

10 On Your Side has reached out to police to see if investigators have any suspects. There’s been no word if the separate incidents are linked.