Pig family escapes, but tasty treats save the day

CEDAR PARK, Texas (KXAN) – Thanks to some ingenuity and quick thinking on the part of two Cedar Park Animal Control employees, a pig and her piglets were returned to their barn after they escaped Friday, said Cedar Park Police spokesperson Tara Long.

It happened when the mama pig and her litter wandered about a mile from their barn into the Ranch Trails neighborhood.

Animal Control Supervisor Lacey Clemons and Animal Control Officer Amber Smith responded and used the only thing they had in their vehicles – Cheetos and Doritos – to get mama’s attention.

They said she probably weighed about 600 pounds, making her far too large for the animal control truck.

So, they rounded up the piglets – itself not an easy task, they said – and drove them back to the barn. Meanwhile, Officer Smith and the pigs’ owner walked mama pig all the way back to the barn with the help of the salty snacks.