Video shows father taking down alleged child predator

OKLAHOMA (KRON) — A father of three girls set up an ambush to catch a man who was allegedly having an inappropriate online relationship with his 15-year-old daughter.

It happened last week in Oklahoma.

The girl’s dad found sexual messages between her and the 33-year-old man and reported it to police.

The dad then learned that the two had planned to meet at his home, so he set up the ambush.

He says the whole family was waiting for the guy to show up.

“My first nephew jumped out, my cousin jumped out after that, and I came with the zip ties,” he said. “So the moment he entered my yard, at that point in time, I had to do what was right as a father.”

The girl was in the house at the time and did not know about the plan.

The man was arrested afterward.

CNN contributed to this article.