Drivers continue to go the wrong way on Ocean View I-64 ramp

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — 10 On Your Side has reported about it before: Drivers are still going the wrong way on the on-ramp for the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel in Ocean View.

The gate at 15th View Street and West Ocean View Avenue is closed during high-traffic times to keep HRBT traffic from backing up into an Ocean View neighborhood, according to VDOT.

Janet Stegall Clay recorded video Friday of drivers on the ramp, which has clearly marked signs that read “do not enter” along with directional arrows.

“We actually see people at this light sitting waiting. Then you have 30, 40 cars backed up waiting,” said Patrick Crawford, who lives and walks through the neighborhood.

Wrong-way drivers, confusion at Ocean View I-64 ramp

Nearby residents told two years ago that this happens regularly. In response, VDOT installed physical barriers to stop cars from jumping the median, new reflectors along the off ramp, and flex tubes on the median and Ocean View Avenue.

Heidi Lagemann, who visits Ocean View frequently, says she continues to see traffic violations at the exit.

“It’s usually very crowded near this exit or entrance towards the interstate. Sometimes, I see a lot of island jumping over the ramp to get on and also getting on the wrong way,” she said.

Lagemann says police presence has helped, but knowing that people are risking their safety to get onto the highway is unsettling.

“It’s crazy. There are other ways of getting there. I know it’s a longer way, but I mean they should be doing something better than that or just leave the ramp open and let people take their chances of getting on,” she said.

VDOT tells 10 On Your Side they took measures to stop the problem and that this is an enforcement issue for local law enforcement. Chopper 10 spotted two Virginia State Police troopers stationed at the ramp on Friday afternoon.

(Chopper 10/WAVY Photo)