Bertie County, Windsor to receive $6M for Hurricane Matthew cleanup

Chopper 10 captures overhead video of disastrous flooding in North Carolina on Oct. 24, 2016, caused by Hurricane Matthew.

BERTIE COUNTY, N.C. (WAVY) — North Carolina Emergency Management announced Wednesday that Bertie County and the Town of Windsor will receive $6 million in aid to recover from Hurricane Matthew.

NCEM reviewed 3,000 buildings within the Matthew destruction zone, of which less than 800 qualified for the program. Of that total, 55 are in the Windsor area.

The money will help property owners who have suffered repetitive flood damage to either get a “buyout” — demolition and acquisition — or elevate their homes as required by the most recent flood plain regulations.

Each property will be evaluated and ranked by a consulting group.

The state is looking for a list of the remaining properties — about 20 locations — to be submitted for consideration as “unmet needs.”

Once the priority list is submitted to the state, there is a 90 to 120-day review period for the Federal Emergency Management Agency before the funds are distributed.

Bertie County and Windsor officials originally requested $11 million in aid. Officials say they will continue seeking funds for all eligible properties in the community.