Shelter-in-place lifted at TCC Virginia Beach after attempted assault

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A shelter-in-place order issued Wednesday at Tidewater Community College’s Virginia Beach campus has been lifted.

Students and staff were asked to lock doors, stay away from windows and shelter in place after an armed male tried to assault an instructor on campus, an alert from the school said.

At last check, the suspect was not in custody. It has not been determined whether or not he is a student.

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Police say officers were called to the school shortly after 3 p.m. for a report of a firearms violation. The school’s alert said the attempted assault happened in the Virginia Beach Building (Building G).

According to police, the victim said she was inside a bathroom when a male entered and pointed a gun at her. The victim screamed and the suspect ran out of the bathroom.

No one was injured.

“[The teacher was] obviously shaken by this incident but otherwise fine. In fact, she wanted to teach her class tonight,” said TCC spokesperson Marian Anderfuren.

One parent told 10 On Your Side he was angry that classes were not canceled. He spoke to us after dropping off his 15-year-old son amidst the police activity.

“I’m a little upset they didn’t cancel class,” Pete Renzulli said. “I don’t see why it’s worth taking any unnecessary risk at all.”

Renzulli did, however, note that teachers apparently had students call parents before leaving the class, to ensure the guardian was there.

The lockdown was lifted after officials determined the suspect had likely left the campus area.

Staff employees had mixed feelings about their safety following the incident.

“It always rattles you, but we’re on an open campus, you’re gonna run into things like this anywhere,” said Tracee Gobel, an instructor. “I don’t feel less safe.”

But Lemetrice Holloway, a floor technician, said the report left her afraid. She works into the early morning hours, and inside the building where the incident occurred.

“They need to have better security and put cameras around us,” Holloway said. “I’m not feeling safe at all, at all.”

Police say the suspect was last seen wearing long, green camouflage shorts and glasses. The school’s alert said he was also wearing a white tee-shirt.

Stay with for updates on this developing story.

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