Portsmouth residents reach out to 10 On Your Side over traffic concerns

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – Some neighbors living on a residential street in Portsmouth reached out to 10 On Your Side for help, claiming traffic problems are causing safety concerns.

Families on Scott Street say ongoing development and road construction projects have turned their neighborhood into a thoroughfare for speeding drivers.

“They’re usually up and down, up and down, speeding,” said Carla Jones.

Jones lives by the intersection of Scott Street and Loudoun Avenue. There are stop signs on Loudoun, and many drivers blow through them, she said.

“There’s constant problems,” said Erika Buckman.

While there are two “no truck” signs visible on Scott Street, families say they often see 18-wheelers and dump trucks drive through.

“They come all times of day, all times of night,” Jones said. “My whole house shakes, like the foundation. I have cracks in my wall.”

“My husband’s work truck has been hit twice, mirrors knocked off,” Buckman said.

The families say the traffic on their populated street has been a problem for years, but recently its grown worse amidst the ongoing Turnpike Road Reconstruction project.

“The local traffic is just coming down Loudoun and the city’s not helping,” Buckman said. “I’ve asked numerous people in the department and they’re not helping us out at all.”

Buckman said she’s requested a four-way stop at the intersection of Loudoun and Scott.

10 On Your Side reached out to city spokesperson Dana Woodson, who said the city is aware of the residents’ concerns.

She said to add a four-way stop at the intersection, the city engineers would need to conduct a study. As it stands now, a study hasn’t been completed, and a study is not underway, according to Woodson.

The residents reached out to 10 On Your Side for help.

“We’re at our wit’s end and we need help, our community needs help,” said Jones.

Buckman said she would appreciate any action that could slow drivers down, including speed bumps or increased patrols. She’d like to see another 25 miles per hour speed limit sign on the street.

“We’ve got a lot of kids in this neighborhood that play right through here and it’s scary,” Buckman said. “I just want to see something positive happen before something negative happens.”