Volunteers build new training course for Newport News Police K9s

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – People put their carpentry skills to good use today to help rebuild the Newport News Police Department’s K9 training ground.

The build was organized by the police department and Spike’s K9 Fund, which provides support to K9 officers the area. Volunteers rehabbed three existing “obstacles” and built five new ones for the training ground.

Officer Michael Covey, who supervises the Newport News K9 Department, says giving the K9s that type of training helps them build confidence for when they’re out working in the streets.

“It really helps build their agility and the more often we can work them on it, the faster they are, the more confident they are, the better they are in the street,” says Officer Covey.

The Newport News Police Department is slotted for seven patrol dog teams and two bloodhounds.  They’ve worked with Spike’s K9 fund in the past, who helped get the volunteers and the supplies for the obstacle course.

Emily Soccino, Director of Operations for Spike’s K9 Fund, said, “We have a really big support system here in Hampton Roads and we’re always welcoming new volunteers to come out and help us. We have over 100 people here today.”