An Exciting First Week

I have official completed my first full week as a production intern at Wavy. Before I get into everything I learned in my first week, let me introduce myself. My name is Jacqueline Lloyd and I am a rising senior at George Mason University. I am perusing a degree in communications with a concentration in media production and criticism, and a minor in journalism. I was very excited to start my internship at Wavy and it did not disappoint.

During my first week I was introduced to several different aspects of production: cameras, teleprompter, and floor directing. My day starts at nine in the morning. As soon as I arrive I head to the set of The Hampton Roads Show. We start off moving the cameras from the news studio to The Hampton Roads Show studio, where we target and white balance them. The cameras are all remote controlled, so to move them you push the joystick in the direction you want. Next we bring in the audience and guests for the day and proceed to mic them up.

During the show I act as floor director. As a floor director you are tasked with giving time cues, letting the hosts know which area they will be in, and leading the audience in applause. As the show wraps up the cameras then have to be moved back to the news studio. You have to be careful not the let the cords get tangled in the process. The cameras then have to be targeted and white balanced again, because the news studio has different lights than in The Hampton Roads Show studio. Once that is done you need to make sure the microphones are in their correct spots ready for the anchors at noon. And that pretty much covers what working in production for The Hampton Road Show is like. Next time I will discuss what goes on during the midday news broadcast, and perhaps what it is like working in the control room.

Till next time – Jacqueline Lloyd


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