Week 2.5 down


As I move closer to my 4th week as an intern at WAVY10, I can’t help but reflect on what I’ve learned thus far.  My first week was very overwhelming , not because the responsibilities were difficult, but because I felt surrounded by so many influential people that have years experience in the field I shadow them in.  On my first official interning day, I followed Jason Marks to Virginia Beach to cover a story regarding a woman who was responsible for the death of her dog that was left abandoned in her home.  The day, as a whole, was intense (at least for your first day).  You never realize how much investigation goes into reporting until you are on the scene trying to piece the story together.  The one thing I had to adjust to was the News system that was used for everyone to communicate throughout the building.  I quickly learned, that’s the least of my worries.  As an aspiring Junior, it’s inevitable that I think about my future career path.  Shadowing a reporter throughout a regular day shows me what routes I can take to one day be in their shoes, and even excel beyond that.  You find yourself taking in an ample amount of tips, skills, and techniques from experienced reporters and you mix them all together to develop your own technique that works for you.  I look forward  to developing my own flair when it comes to reporting because I feel very impressionable right now, and I think that is in my favor.